Buying just an IG Handle without the Acc

Hello Everyone

Unfortunately, my research on google hasn’t been very fruitful.

I’m wondering how it’s possible to buy someone’s name without having to buy their whole account.
If you agree on a certain price with a seller, what’s the best way to transfer the handle to your account?
If he just changes his name to a different one, the handle becomes available for the general public and people with a bot might steal the high-quality name from you within that split second without you being able to put it on your account.

Any guidance and help is greatly appreciated.


I did a few name transfers as you described and no one stole my name.

Let’s say I’ve an account and a handle “Imcool” that I want to transfer to the account.
I went into Instagram through my computer and logged in the account. went to “edit profile” and wrote the username “imcool”
and logged in through my phone to the account that has the handle “Imcool” and wrote something random.

My left hand is on the edit button on the phone, and the right hand is on the same place but on the computer. I Just clicked both at the same time and it was changed successfully.

it was like less than a sec, try to do that.

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