Bye bye Google+. Google is shutting down Google+ following massive data exposure

Following a massive data breach first reported on by The Wall Street Journal , Google announced today that it is shutting down its social network Google+ for consumers.

The company discovered a bug in one of Google+'s People APIs that allowed apps access to data from Google+ profiles that weren’t marked as public. It included static data fields such as name, email, occupation, gender and age. It did not include information from Google+ posts. The bug was patched in March 2018, but Google didn’t inform users at that point. “We made Google+ with privacy in mind and therefore keep this API’s log data for only two weeks,” the company said in a blog post. “That means we cannot confirm which users were impacted by this bug.”

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So, one social network down. It’s really sad to see that a giant like Google isn’t able to be a viable contender in the social media world. Just to show you that money isn’t everything. Most of the apps that “made it” had all the right ingredients, such as:

  1. Timing
  2. Great name
  3. A lot of luck

I’d argue that the end product isn’t even all that important. I mean, look at instagram. The simplest of apps, it’s a photo sharing service with the ability to like + comment. In my opinion, it went popular thanks to the name, timing, and a LOT OF LUCK.

Is name really that important? If instagram was called graminsta, would it have failed?

consumers ??? :laughing::laughing:

Google+? What is that?

All jokes aside, it was mainly used for SEO purposes but imo it didn’t even make any difference to that as well.

Who cares lol, no body uses it anyway

It’s just my personal belief that a good company name holds a lot of merit when it comes to success. This is why brandable and good sounding domains are worth six digits, and this is why companies take a lot of research when coming up with a name for their next venture/product.

no one uses google+ nowadays , its a good step to shut it down and start invest the headache and time in another project

Time was perfectly ripe when they launched Facebook. Don’t agree with other two factors.

SOMEONE is really really looking at all Social Media sites very very closely and is going to learn from their mistakes/blunders and going to launch their Dad site soon. I’m expecting it right in the start of 2020. Insiders know that beginning of an end has started for current Social Media giants.

I see something real SOCIAL SITE launching and exploding soon.

Facebook will buy it, then ruin it quick. Reading up on new startups it’s now mostly a goal for new companies who dabble in social media.

  1. Gain a little traction
  2. Get noticed
  3. Scare the big guys a little
  4. Wait for an buyout

Personally happy to see Google+ gone as I despised it. It was next to useless in my eyes and only got in the way of things when using your actual Google account.

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