Bypass - Meta Verified Waiting List / Waitlist

Hello there! I can bypass your account that is stuck on Meta Verified Waitlist.

I will need access to your account. Not to worry, the topic is currently tagged as image and you won’t lose it. GUARANTEED!

TAT: Instant
Success rate: ~95%
Price: $149

EDIT: Currently doing only Bypass on the waiting list. Custom name + pfp soon :smiley:

If you need anything else please ask me on DM. I’m here to help you! :handshake:


GLWS :pray:t4::goat::fire: love the art

Thank you Mafia! :smiley:

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Is this for creator accounts or Business accounts?

Creator accounts currently.

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Do you know if this works for brands that are under a “Creator” profile? Or not because you need to ID verifiy for an individual person?

Thank you.

Waiting on custom name and pfp… would love the complete package!!
Any eta?


I hope soon.