Can anyone from UK help me bring a scammer to his task?


I have been scammed multiple times from a UK guy. Yes multiple times. He blackmailed me and I fell a prey. My fault may be. Yes he’s not from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh or Albania, Vietnam. He’s from UK.

I have all links of his social media profiles and all of his Paypal emails and btc addresses.

I want SWAPD help also but I want the help of some nice guy from UK who would guide me to get free help from UK institutions who are responsible to nab such people.

Please inbox me for details.


Crazy :confused: This just proves that no matter how clever you think you are in this business, you can still fall victim. How can we help?

I will get a copy of all proofs and will submit and will see as what can you do to help me.

He’s already banned from here and a scammer and a blackmailer.

I’ll take your help to report him to Met Police Cybercrime Department. I have all his contacts and socialmedia profile links and everything else.

Will update soon via personal message.

And if I can get free legal help in UK, do let me know that too.


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I reported him here:

Let’s see.

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Update: He returned my $300 after filing the report with the Cybercrime Unit but is still reluctant to return my Channel. But I’m not going to reverse everything unless I get everything back. Thanks