Can anyone help me with Instagram hashtags/ possible shadow banned?

I’m putting hashtags in the comments but its not showing anything, does anyone know whats going on?
This is a screenshot of the insights on one of the posts…

Put hashtags inthe post.

Shadow ban doesn’t get u any explore but u got 1. Also impression is quite heavy. It’s not shadow ban.

On my other accounts I always put hashtags in the comments and it works fine… Why doesn’t it work here?

Got any community strikes ?

Not that I’m aware of, I was locked out of my account for a few years and just posted for the first time yesterday.

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You are just posting after so many years and expect hashtag reach.

images - 2020-03-31T021547.558

All the acocunts that are inactive/disabled gets it treatment like not hashtag and explore discoveries…

You need to work hard with the account

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Okay, any suggestions? Should I post like 4 times per day and keep on using hashtags in the comments?

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Yeah. Post only quality stuffs, no matter how much posts you should only post wuakity stuff that attracts audience…

Okay that’s fine however how long do you think it’ll take for the account to start getting hashtag reach and explore. All the content is original and quality.

No exact time predictable.

But considering the impressions, soon it will hit explore