Can anyone help recover Disabled instagram

Hi Guys

My business Instagram food page and livelihood was stripped and disabled from me on October 2019. The financial strain and stress that this has put me through over the past few months has been very taxing to my health and jeopardizes all the things I have worked for over the past 6 years that it took me to build this account. Also now I need to recover the accountI got laid off from my full time job due to the pandemic and i have to support my family so this is the only thing it can generate income for me.

I am asking with every ounce of my being to please reinstate my account @Mealpreprecipes so I can continue spread healthy lifestyle to the community of 1.6M followers that I have built on your platform. by motivating and inspiring people to eat healthy by providing them healthy recipes.I loved my fans and loved helping them. Also building this community brought so much joy to my life because i knew i was changing lives worldwide.

I have filled out countless forms and gone through every procedure there is to try and recuperate my account and get back to working on my passion project which I was very fortunate to have built into a business. With the most sincerest and most humble intentions please if anyone can help me and reactivate the page please message me

Thank you

That’s heartbreaking. Did they give you a reason for the ban?

Yes Some of Attacked the page and reported 16 of my posts for copyright. And i reached out to the people that did that but they ignore my emails and calls.

Were the copyright reports valid?

I think since that’s the reason page got disabled for

Then there is nothing much you can do. In that case, I also wouldn’t call it an “attack” if someone filed a valid copyright report. It’s the owner protecting his content, that’s all.