Can I post any Request of Buying BTC here?

Hiiii SWAPD Team,

Can we post open Buying Request of BTC exchange here on this Forum? Only with those who have Verified Identity, are Premiums or VIPs?

Or any other Digital Currencies?


We didn’t think of that. You mean like PayPal/Wire to BTC, BTC to BTC, and what not?

Yes. In this way if normal Wire reaches to my and some countries late, and if some of our members (Verified, Premiums, VIPs) are looking to get rid of any of their digital currencies, we can exchange it on here.
Will be a win-win situation.
But apart from that, trade of Digital Currencies can be allowed.

I guess we can manage transfers, but we wouldn’t exchange ourselves. Will need to talk this over with @Jason and @shaunthomas

And I think initially you can do only one thing. That is to allow those whose payment is with SWAPD after they have sold any product on here.
This will be smooth and easy because you just have to release payment to another Member on one member’s request.
Anyway, you can discuss it with other Admins.

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This topic need a revisit. I have bought before BTC on localbitcoin via western Union and moneygram. Usually there’s escrow charges for that. I wouldn’t mind buying bulk BTC being sold to me at a lower rate say 10% lower and escrow takes 1% or 2% and the transaction is done within 1 hour to avoid the much volatile digital currency to either gain or lose value.