Can't add a Facebook Fanpage admin? It's not just you

We’ve had reports that Fanpage owners aren’t able to add an admin. This seems like a bug, and it isn’t widespread. Currently, we’ve experienced this in 1/2 of our tickets from the past three days. One of our users (@Hussey) found a temporary workaround. If you’re unable to add an admin to a page, try the mobile version of Facebook. If that doesn’t work and you have another admin on staff, try using the mobile version from your other admin account.

Have you experienced this bug? If so, please let us know.

P.S. One of our members also reported the inability to sign up to Instant Articles because:

“Disabled shared login: Another admin on the account likely upgraded to Business Manager. Either add your personal profile as an admin to your Business Page or contact an admin you shared the login with and have that person who transitioned the account send you an invitation to join Business Manager.”

We were wondering if this could be related to these recent Facebook hickups, as there is no other Admin profile (business) on the page.

Another solution:

If the page is under business manager account.

  1. Add buyer as editor.
  2. Go to Business settings.
  3. Select page.
  4. On the right side, set buyer as admin.

It’s a bug I think. I had the same issue yesterday.


As per Instant Articles, the thing is pages shall meet the new requirements(which are not available to check atm). Thus, some pages might be showing to Sign Up, and some pages are not eligible for Instant Articles.

Here is a reply from FB regarding IA Sign Up.

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Thank you for this.

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Yea we are seeing most of our pages eligible for IA, except some of the new ones we recently purchased. That’s a first. There isn’t any reason stated, they just aren’t on the list.

As far as I could understand it, this has been restricted based on countries. However, your recently added pages should be eligible after 1 month of your roles added. I believe It also depends on the activity, for some reason, pages which have been inactive for 6months+ are showing up.

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Ah, it hasn’t been a month yet, I wonder if that’s the hold up!

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