Celebrity/Influencer Marketing {Follow you, Comment on your post, Story Post + Post Promos}

Service type: Celebrity/Influencer Instagram Marketing
Price: Varies


Looking to boost a Project you have been working on, expand your business or grow your personal account?
Look no further as we can provide Celebrity/Influencer IG Promotions.

Celebrities/Influencers available for Promotions:

Lil Pump (14M Followers)
Devin Haney (2.8M Followers)
Sean Kingston (1.7M Followers)
Bobby Shmurda (5.6M Followers)
Reggie Mills (3M Followers)
Popp Hunna (264K Followers)

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Celebrities/Influencers available for Comments:
Smokepurpp (4M Followers)
Clix (2.1M Followers)
Bankrol Hayden (690K Followers)
The Game (12.3M Followers)
Bobby Shmurda (5.6M Followers)
Supremepatty (4.9M Followers)
Kid Buu (1M Followers)
John Gabbana (Previous known as Boonk) (1.1M Followers)
Hahadavis (7.6M Followers)
Robiiworld (1.1M Followers)
iamthpsn (1M Followers)
Reggie Mills (3M Followers)
Mason Ray Parker (1.5M Followers)
Popp Hunna (264K Followers)

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Who is available for follows ?

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Who’s available for follows

still availeble?

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yes, pm