Change ad break page payout account

Anyone knows how you can change payout account on ad break pages without contact the support ?

No one can change without access on payout

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Previously there was switch option in Creator Studio -> Payout. But looks like they removed it.

Do you know if contacting support provides any results? I have a payout account that has several pages as sources, I’d like to split them into individual accounts.

Live chat support or access to the payout account are the solution.
my Payout id was disabled, i worked on those pages and they sent me payout regularly on time.
if its your own payout account keep working they send payouts on time.

Hey buddy, try out this form to contact Facebook to split your payout accounts. This will take 2 to 3 weeks. It works :100:

@neat you can also try this form they ask for lots of verifications for bank documents id card bank statement etc but give it a try it can help u change the payout access.

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