Cheap Instagram Username Claims | $1250

Cheap Instagram Username Claims:

Hey everyone! I can legitimately claim username handles on Instagram. Been offering this service off-site for a while now with good success.

I’ve seen people selling this service for up to $2500-$3000. I understand I am new here, so I’m willing to do my first case for $1000 with no pre-payment to someone reputable to build some trust.

EDIT: I successfully claimed a handle for @fedsmedia, a reputable Diamond Member on the forum. That said, I will be raising the price to $1250, which obviously is still very cheap considering othering people on here are doing them for up to $2500.


  • Must be Non-Generic. No common english words, names or last names. If you’re curious, feel free to DM me!
  • Username must be 6 or more characters of length
  • Inactive for 2+ years, the more the better.
  • I can claim banned handles.
  • We’ll use a fresh account, or if you have a strong placeholder, we can claim it on there too.
  • Process will take on avg. 1 week

Hoping to work with some of you!

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Vouch for this user. Claimed a username for me very fast!!!

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Successfully delivered a claim for @fedsmedia!

Raising prices just a little as that was a one-time offer. Hope to work with some of you though!