*Cheapest On-Site* Podcast Placements Pay only when booked!

Podcast Placements (Pay only when booking is confirmed!)

:white_check_mark: BiggerPockets
:white_check_mark: Dropping Bombs w/ Brad Lea
:white_check_mark: The Wolf’s Den w/ Jordan Belfort
:white_check_mark: Entrepreneurs On Fire
:white_check_mark: The Jordan Harbinger Show
:white_check_mark: The Radcast w/ Ryan Alford
:white_check_mark: The Playbook w/ David Meltzer
:white_check_mark: The Mindvalley Podcast w/ Vishen Lakhiani
:white_check_mark: Success Story w/ Success Story
and many more!!!

  • Please note that each podcast have different TAT, guidelines & standards, so all cases will be subject for approval!
  • We are connecting with more podcasts weekly so send us a DM if you have an inquiry regarding a certain podcast!

Apartment Rockstar X Dropping Bombs:(Become An Apartment Investor with Robert Martinez As Your Guide )

Pace Morby X Jordan Belfort:(Pace Morby | The Wolf Gets Real (Estate)| The Wolf’s Den #115 - YouTube )

Terry Thayer X David Meltzer
(Terry Thayer: Cofounder, Intellomate | The Playbook With David Meltzer - YouTube )

GLWS :star2:

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