Cheapest Spotify Organic Streams Service on SWAPD

Service type: Spotify Organic Streams
Price: $4.5/K Spotify streams // Massive discounts on order above 100,000 streams

Description: I’ll provide the client with organic Spotify streams on their tracks/podcast etc. For every 1000 streams I’ll charge $4.5. Moreover, I can offer massive discounts on order above 100,000 streams. Minimum Order: 10,000 streams.

Payment: My fee + Swapd Fee (Please note: you’ve to pay swapd fee along with my service fee, it’s not included.)

One ongoing ticket :slightly_smiling_face:

Is these all organic?

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Does it mean Spotify Listeners?


Three offsite orders are done, and One onsite order is running.

What is the price for over 100,000 organic streams?


Five offsite orders were completed and one onsite completed.

HMU for the best prices!


how quick is the turn around for these streams to start?

This probably fake streams as the user is suspended.

Check out panels like there u can provide streams!

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Thank you! I went on there and paid. Have you used it before for any services?

Yes I did!

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