Clean 5L Super OG Twitter Handle

Property type:Rare OG Handle on twitter
Why is it unique?: Hard to get hands on OGs in 2019
Price: $500


Selling a super rare OG twitter handle. Middleman can be used upon request, you agree to pay ALL fees for middle man.

Wanna know the @ ? Please send me a DM onsite with proof of funds in your bitcoin wallet.

Will NOT be using discord or any off site communication sites. Strictly DM me on site for more info. thank you

I Have owned this handle for 7/8+ months now. Its super secure, also recently swapped it onto a new account with a new OGE.

All deals on this site must be conducted via the SWAPD checkout ticket process.

What’s the point of POF? I don’t understand why people ask this. I’m assuming you come from a different site but POF is absolutely pointless on here as we secure the payment at checkout regardless. Even then, anyone can easily photoshop or inspect element a simple BTC wallet. POF is completely and utterly meaningless.


PM Please


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