I’m interested but not sure I fully understand the gig. I am not on BHW. Could you please msg me?

I’m interested. Please check your messages.

I’m not Paulo. He doesn’t offer this service on BHW - he just sells press releases as a single service.


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Oh. I see. I misunderstood the service.


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I’m intrested

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Anyone looking to order should check the quality of the articles first, otherwise you will make a PR agency, that does not provide proper services.

I tried ordering PR articles, but it turns out they will get removed from Google News in less than 2 weeks and all of them will include this text below the article.

" Information contained on this page is provided by an independent third-party content provider. Frankly and this Site make no warranties or representations in connection therewith. If you are affiliated with this page and would like it removed please contact "

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Your problem is that you dont understand what a press release is.

What this guy is looking for are editorial articles but wants to get a distribution report for it for hundreds of sites for a same price.

This is not possible. Make sure you understand the differences between editorial articles and press releases before you request unrealistic things that cannot be provided.

Press releases are temporary and last from months to up to a year. This is completely different what you are asking.

This information goes into every PR for legal reason since press releases are not published by journalists and this information cannot be changed.

Again. Use google if you dont have a clue what is what and how long a press release lasts.

There are other sellers here who offer editorial articles for a proper price and not for pennies as is the press release service sold.

“this guy” has a name and it’s Toms if you did not notice.
The service you are providing sux, but it’s not the deal killer for me. Your attitude is. Good luck with sales.

I’m not here to school you.

Paying pennies for a single press release service but wanting editorial articles that cost thousands. Talk about self awareness.

The service is exactly what it’s being advertised as it has always been with press releases.

It is not and that’s the issue.
May I and @Administrators see where you have noted that Google News will be removed in less than 2 weeks?
May I see where it says that articles published will include advertising of another company?

This is pure bullshit.

We were tagged. How may I help?

The admins know very well what a press release service is. It has been discussed over and over on this platform.

You on the other hand dont.

This guy is complaining that some of the press releases have been removed from google from the sample report I sent lol.

Seller is offering a service. The service is to sell a ready to launch PR business, which will be able to publish quality press releases. In the pdf he posted there are examples of how this looks, but in the 10 days we have been talking the results now don’t look near as good as before.

In the .pdf it’s visible that there are no more indexed pages in Google News in less than 2 weeks.
Another issue is that all of these press releases come with advertising text+link of a different company.

Seller does not provide this information at start and once I asked about it, he said it’s not possible to change this information and started talking about editorial articles, which is not related to the service or issue.

My issue personally is that the seller does not offer what he is advertising in a manner how he advertises it.

Like I explained, “this guy” has a name and it’s Toms. Should I refer to you as “the other guy”?

Seems like a standard, low quality press release scheme. Moved to services > other.

The issue actually started when we agreed he would put me in contact with his writer and she would write the article for me, which he would then distribute to the same network as in example. Then I noticed Google News pages in pdf have been removed and I asked about that, he said a year old press releases are not indexed, even tough they are for others and these releases are only 10 days old.
I asked the writer for past work examples, but the seller told me that I should pay her upfront and not ask questions.
Basically everythign about this experience has been bad. Just wanted to let you know, if you get any more complaints.