Coding / Coders / Programmers Site and Domain

A .com domain, and a complete and ready-to-use website (with matching .net and .org domains) complete with social media followers that is ALL ABOUT coding.

In fact, the domain name itself translates to “coding” in one of the Bantu languages.

It comes with USPTO trademark rights to the word that the domain name is composed of (the successful buyer will cover any costs associated with the trademark ownership switchover).

It has been a labor of love, but not a truly monetized moneymaker.

However, it has the potential in the right hands to literally own the coding, programming, and software development space - everywhere.

I’m retiring from the coding / programming / technology space and focusing on making actual physical products out of wood and metal. I am in search of the right individual or organization that will take it places.

It receives requests for sponsored posts all of the time.

It has ad space on the web site that can be monetized.

It has a social media following of:

21.2K Twitter Followers
475 Instagram Followers
7547 Facebook Followers

It is presently a Wordpress CMS blog style website. The buyer gets the site and database. You must provide the hosting yourself.

You can easily make this the premier coding social media site (just like a joint venture (backed by Google and Facebook) were considering…).

Revenue minimal, or non-existent, due to lack of monetization efforts. Due to the size of this industry, a dedicated owner/operator can change this in a very short amount of time.

Whats the current recenue@?

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