Coin or token listing

I will list instantly list your coin or token on coinmarketcap, coingecko and any listing site

Prices is negotiable 5BNB

Nah… dont belive it.

They require volume + other things so instant listings without anything needed is hard to belive.

Which coins have you listed before to coingecko, instantly?

It is possible though. But agree, highly unlikely he is one of the very few able to do it

Highly unlikely that a token with $50 daily volume gets listed. Has never happened before.

You can even list not even yet tradeable coins mate.

To coingecko main list you definitely can’t.

However, there are list for those coins that you mentioned and that is not what is the main tracked listing.

Check the CG FAQ page.

I think volume needs to be around 100k daily for CMC. CG is probably possible with a bit less. But if you have that you can just apply yourself and get it, no need for a listing service.

Whats the delivary duration?

3-5 days Token approval

I have listed so many Token on CMC and Coingecko.There are my some previouse work

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