Coming soon: The Diamond Club [Update: It's live!]

Hello SWAPD members!

We currently have 136 VIP members, and we love each and every one of them. However, we’ve noticed that in our line of business, getting VIP is sometimes very easy. No, this isn’t bad, and we’re very happy that many of our members are doing so well, to where they can meet all our VIP requirements so fast. But, there is a handful of business tycoons among us, I mean pure powerhouses, and we feel they should be further rewarded for their non-stop effort and the trust they placed in us. That’s why next week a selected few will join the SWAPD Diamond Club!

I want that! What type of perks will the Diamond Club include?

We don’t have everything sorted yet so I can’t give details. But some of the additional perks will include:

  1. Lower SWAPD fees!
  2. Highlight any one topic in the topic list, free, forever. (You can switch between topics)
  3. Automatic Trust Level 3 (one trust level away from being admin)
  4. The ability to move topics
  5. The ability to rename topics
  6. Flagging ability increased by x3
  7. Increased PayPal limit
  8. Even higher priority support!

That is all, more details next week (including requirements).

Disclaimer: The requirements will be tough, just a fair warning. Off the top of our head, only around 10 or so members qualify so far.

EDIT: The memberships are ready to roll! The Diamond Club - What is it and how to get in?


IMO this is cool and all but what does it do for the general public/marketplace?
I think you should work more on changes that will improve the website for everyone so in turn you will get more traffic. Just my 2 cents

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Another reason to spend more time here on Swapd and do more deals, I think it will be a pretty cool feature.

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I dont do it for the perks i do it for thr quality…which is going down lately. Shiny stuff are cool but not needed
It will be a lambo with a golf 4 engine


Do I qualify

This has been a trend not only on SWAPD, but the whole market in general. Tell me which market in this niche is actually increasing in quality? I’d love to browse it. Other admins and I have been flipping properties for YEARS. I was able to do seven digits in volume per year flipping properties years ago. Now? It’s all over-inflated, overpriced, bot filled crapshoot. @Alpha will back me here, as he is (was) an active hunter across most known platforms and also made some incredible flips. The market has gotten so bad that neither he nor I flip any more (or rarely). It just takes more time, more effort (a lot of effort actually) to find gems. You seem to want a concierge in finding the top assets so you don’t waste your time. The problem is, we also don’t want to waste our time. As the volume of users grows, it’s not feasible for us to keep tabs on everything. I already spend most of my day doing mundane tasks, I can’t imagine reviewing every listing. And if you’re thinking about hiring someone, it’s not in the budget at all.

Unless you have some idea that’s actually implementable and would save us from the onslaught of bad properties, then I am all ears. As far as this perk, it’s for users who spend more on SWAPD that some make in a few years making a good salary. It’s just our way of saying thank you.


Not with that haircut.

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Dont get me wrong this will be great as it will point many to the right direction when they want to make a quick kill $🤣
But i was simply saying brainstorm more about the general market, yes i have a few ideas i will share in inbox in the upcoming days. Hopfully it will help.

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Would love the hear them <3
Thank you! :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to see the requirements you have set in place for Diamond Membership.

And it’s live!

Who’s the first member

We need to review memberships, but we know that so far members such as @Jkr123, @coehn, @Hazar, @igpioneer made it.


The new DC members will be under the new fee structure starting immediately.


Congrats guys!

Congratulations to everyone who qualified. Sadly, I’m too poor to made it to Diamond Group.


It should say Diamond Club instead of VIP. Nice update by the way. :slight_smile:

Same here. Let’s make our own badge! The cubic zirconia club!