Hey! I am an app developer and I am looking to sell my latest mobile game. The game is brand new and generates revenue through banner ads. NO UPDATES OR MAINTANENCE REQUIRED FOR THE GAME! Just promote it and watch the money role in.

It includes:

-iOS & Android versions of the game
-full tech support for 1 month
-full marketing for 1 month (including promotions on our Instagram page with over 50,000 followers)
-full art package (including images and videos) for advertising and promoting the app

PM for more details!

Interested! What’s the name of the game?

Hey! It’s called Stay Alive: Zombie Apocalypse. You can find it here:

Any game on that website (other than Stack em up) are also for sale. So let me know if you’re interested in any of them.

Interested. Send me links and price by pm and I’ll make an offer.

Bump. Still available

Hi there James, I’m also interested in games and app that can be monetized, if already monetized even better.

I sent you a message :slight_smile: