Confirmed: Facebook purge is under way (March 2019)

Cool waiting…
Hope ur page remains safe…

This is what I predicted some months ago… Facebook Profiles are being flagged internally for different reasons, and if the same profile changes and removes admins on different pages then it’s flagged as suspicious and for selling and buying Facebook properties…

They don’t allow to sell or buy Facebook pages.

Changed the topic title to something more calm. “Big Blow Purge” doesn’t fit 3-4 unpublished pages. Until we get more reports, let’s keep calm. I, however, can confirm that during a transfer last night a page was lost. I suspect that admin accounts are now being tracked and if an admin is considered bad, the page he gets moved to gets instantly banned.

Other odd things we’ve noticed in the past days:

  1. Some fanpages can’t have it’s content shared on other pages.
  2. Unable to add certain admins, even with publishing authorization turned on.

We’re probably looking at some changes, but let’s wait for more users to confirm.


I seriously vouch this… 4 hours back i bought a page and nothing happened as my profile remained in pretty good state over the years…!!!

Doesn’t matter good or bad, it matters how many pages you changed admins and removed them…

How many ownerships rights you took and gave…

This raises flags

Does a normal Facebook user owns and removes himself from 10, 15 pages per month??? Nope, then your flagged.

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This also may be the result of this.
We were warned by Facebook at the end of January that in the upcoming weeks they will roll out the Page Quality score/tab and more deletions are bound to happen. Perhaps they’ve finally rolled it out globally and started cleaning house again.

So, did the page got unpublished after the admin removed themselves?

I seriously doubt they care about stopping buyer/sellers themselves. If I had to bet, they’re after artificial/inorganic (they’ve even said so themselves) methods of gaining traffic/exposure (they want ad money), and the quality of the content.

You all have to admit that 1/2 of the people within our industry don’t give a rats ass and:

  1. Copy content of others
  2. Upload copyright videos
  3. Spam links
  4. Don’t follow any rules FB has.

These purges are the result of that.

Nope and its been only 24hours.

I do this numbers in a week, still the page i bought remains good …!! Possibly this is not the real algorithm

I hope it’s not this too

After reading the comments here, I’m pretty sure that it’s not something we should worry about. might be couple of bugs. I think that if you buy a page here, you should let the staff member to keep his role as an admin for a few days and then remove him

I also bought and sold 10+ pages this week and everything was fine

It is true that Facebook is removing pages today. Pages are removed or unpublished from last two days if old admin accounts were removed after transfer ownership of page.

One of my friend lost 4 of his pages, he said he just changed the admin of the pages. Many other people also lost their pages, but they didn’t change the ownership of the page, so not sure what exactly it is. But may be we should avoid buying selling fb pages for a few days😛

Theres a long press release posted today about it

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Today we removed 513 Pages, Groups and accounts for engaging in coordinated inauthentic behavior as part of multiple networks tied to Iran. They operated in Egypt, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan or broadly across the Middle East and North Africa .

  • Facebook

After reviewing the tickets with failed transfers, we can confirm that this is true. All troublesome tickets happened with users from mentioned parts of the world.

Updated OP to reflect this newsroom release.

as part of multiple networks tied to Iran. They operated in Egypt, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan or broadly across the Middle East and North Africa

Tied to Iran? Israel? Thank god none of my pages were removed or else I would’ve get a call from my government

@Administrators - It’s probably wise to scan buyers/sellers IP now during a transaction to check for location. If from affected parts of the world, warn about possible risks.

I’d take that with a grain of salt. Remember, Facebook is America’s echo chamber and their propaganda tool. This may be in regards to something else.