Corona Virus | Cryptocurrency Crash | Market Crash | Hello 2020

We are in the midst of some crazy movements across so many markets. The media have taken full advantage of a virus thats no more dangerous than the common flu, Chinese companies banned from the US, Oil regulators (OPEC) removing supply restrictions, causing oil to plummet to time low prices last seen in 1991. Crytocurrencies have fallen 30 % almost over night…

Whats this all about?

Coronavirus effects in my country, Israel:

All arrivals would be required to self-quarantine for two weeks
All universities were shut down until further notice and classes will be online.
Sports are played without an audience.
All of Israel’s airline companies are in serious trouble, a lot of cancellations. no one wants to go abroad.
Gatherings are limited to maximum of 100 people.

& more to come.

I am coughing for almost a week nonstop I hope I don’t have corona lol. =/

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Stock market crashed too. My countrie’s biggest sport event IPL (cricket league) is about to happen indoor without an audience :nerd_face:.

One virus everything’s changed.

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WTF. I leave for a few days and our BTC wallet is worth 1/2 of what it was a few days ago. In our country (Poland), they’ve closed down EVERYTHING. From schools to public venues, the only thing still open are churches and shops.

What is going on??? I am over here on a Omani beach watching the world burn.

Yea sell me ur wallet before its on 0

Now, is the time to buy! These markets will recover, they always do.

Except BTC was never up against a full global pandemic. You can’t be so sure.

We just found out that on Sunday the Polish borders are on lockdown. If you’re a foreigner coming in, you will get turned around. If you’re a citizen coming from the outside, 14-day quarantine. That means I will be stuck at home with police checking up on me to see if I am sticking to the rules. On top of that, starting Monday, they will most likely introduce a full-blown marshall law type of thing, where we will have the military on the streets and people will be forced to sit their ass down and stay at home. Also, WHO now designated Europe as the epicenter of COVID-19 as Italy is going crazy with the number of infected people now.


Out of control everything and all this over the virus? :mask:

@Swapd we’re heading to something very similar in NY. But, as far as crypto goes, that’s the main reason I’ve refused to rely on something so volatile. I’ve considered dabbling in crypto currency, but this confirms my fear, and I’ll keep my cash for the time being.

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I hate seeing people lose their money.

Everyone works hard for what they have, and it should be protected.

It’s going to recover. Markets are always up and down. Because people control them. Markets follow people…

I genuinely hope that it does. But, this is a big reason I’ve stayed away from crypto.

Event is shifted to 15th April from 29th March earlier.