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As most people know coronavirus is now a global pandemic. Due to this schools like mine are closing so is travel and other places such as restaurants public events sporting events etc. I personally think this will really affect online marketing in a lot of ways. Including swapd what is your guy’s opinions?


Why SWAPD business needs to be affected !? It will have least affect I hope.

As social media assets never get corona virus.

Work from home or holidays makes more people active online and hence more money online.


I haven’t seen the fire sale effect take place with social media assets so far as it has with Stocks and Crypto, but we will see. I personally think online work is about to blow up as everybody is staying home.


Most of us have been living in quarantine forever now anyway


Moved to spotlight discussions, I want to hear first hand what is happening in your country.

In Poland:
Borders are closed. If you’re not a citizen and have no business in PL, you will get turned around at the border. All flights are canceled. The last ones flying in are sanctioned by the government to get citizens back from their vacations. People who fly back now will be under a mandatory 14 day home quarantine (Police enforced). This is me right now, I fly back tomorrow and won’t be able to leave my condo for 14 days. Also, starting today, all non-essential public places are closed. Only three types of businesses will be opened. Grocery stores, pharmacies, and banks. Everything else, nope.

You would imagine that if/when more people stay home, SWAPD would be busier. But it seems new tickets are slowing down. Just a few days ago we had an constant 80 tickets opened. Now, we’re at 49. Those are last years numbers, we never dipped so low this year. Traffic is also down, and people went crazy and our BTC wallet got emptied out. Also, @RandyMarsh is still a snake, nothing changed there.


I think it’ll affect all spheres of economy… every industry will be affected negatively, maybe only streaming and social media will have higher use during those times, but I doubt it’ll help us much in terms of marketing as people will spend less due to saving money for other things… In my opinion this is short term anyways. In a year from now, the economy should be up and running as usual.


Honestly, I feel like this is just because we’re all soaking it in right now. I strongly feel that it will rapidly pick up steam once we actually know the full extent of the situation.

More people stuck at home=more people on social media.

Brands won’t be able to do large commercial productions for their ads=more money flowing into the influencer space for user-generated content.

More money in influencer space=influencers have higher budget to spend on social media services.

This is obviously a bit of a bare bones analysis, but I think it’s far more than an educated guess after speaking with my contacts on the multinational brand/PR side of things.


Here in Switzerland the situation is very tense. All boarders are now closed since today and the government advices everybody to stay at home.

Don’t forget that the earnings of many of us depend on two things: How many people see our content and how high are the CPM’s. It’s clear that social media usage will be higher during the next weeks but many companys will lower their ad spends what would result in a lower CPM. I recently had to deactivate all ads of Switzerlands biggest cinema chain for example. But maybe this effect will be weakend by companys that increase their budgets because they are not affected by the virus and they want to profit from the cheap CPM’s.

COVID-19 Update : Mar 16, 12:45 AM (GMT+8)

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I’m not sure if it will impact SWAPD as much however, it is definitely impacting SMM industry.

If you’re doing volumes - then yes - a big difference.

For me, I can see a 22% decline in sales across my sites this month already.

And its reasonable.

  1. Lesser people are traveling - that means lesser posts which means lesser purchase of likes, comments, shoutouts, followers and so on.
  2. Lesser people are going out to events and gather - again - means lesser purchase of engagement services.
  3. Lesser people are signing brand sponsored posts with hotels, restaurants, travel boards and tourism boards - and again - the same happens here.

So - in all 22% reduction in sale across likes, comments, followers, shoutouts, giveaways and so on.
No impact on verification, PR and similar services as buyers of such services do not depend on sponsored ads as much.

If this continues then SMM will see further decline in sale. If you can’t go out and eat out and take a photo of it to show off - then you don’t need Instagram. Haha. Instagram is all about flexing and for that you have to go out.

Situation in Dubai, UAE: Schools closed. Flights from various countries banned. No more visas will be issued starting today. Clubs, cafes are closed. Malls have thermal screenings. Government workers have already begun working from home. 85 cases. Nothing too serious. People are calm.

Personal Situation: As @boogeyman said we already been living in quarantine. I wake up to my laptop and I sleep staring at it. Either I’m plugged in 24 x 7 or I’m traveling. I can’t do the latter part for the time being.


Maybe your members have coronavirus


Now is the time to put all your money into commodities , but yea my affiliate marketing revenue has went down by 40% , traffic on pages i own is also down, must be because people are focused on this coronavirus bs :confused:
As for the country everything is on lockdown.

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I think we also have to think about the impact this may have or not in western culture… the sense of fear now is in my opinion higher than 9/11 in the US to some extent and even after this happens, there will be tons of fear for new worse viruses. That usually means people being more careful with money and simply spending less.

sell me ur btc

Crypto gone to the shitters and the economy is basically a ■■■■ hole. I expect sales to be pretty low until corona calms down.

This corona crap is gonna affect the domaining business as well. no business owner’s gonna spend 5 figures on a domain now. No cash flow.

Also Bitcoin crashing because of corona is insane.

İn albania is same problem too , here we cant move with cars in city :frowning: everything closed and everyday new people with corona virus​:cry:

come to Romania. everything is chill. no corona here.

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No place on earth to chill.