Crypto Academy - Crypto News Agency ($75K)


We are selling Crypto Academy ( )

We have a huge team of content writers, and all content is checked by 2 content editors. We have put a lot of effort for the last 1,5 years into this website.

Revenue monthly during a bear market
We are selling display ads $7K + PR’s = $10K monthly

During the bull run, we had 500K unique visitors monthly, it has the potential to go to 1M visitors monthly.

We also got +4000 backlinks on all crypto-related pages, organic backlinks NASDAQ, gate, nexo etc

Last month we had 48,500 visitors as the interest in crypto declined. When it’s back, this website will get 1-2M unique visitors monthly.

Most of the traffic comes from the US, UK, and Europe.

Huge potential.

Only serious investors know the worth of the website.

We are the official news aggregator in

Google News
Newsbreakapp and a couple of small ones.

500k visitors monthly? where xd maximum 33k monthly visitors.
Domain has good authority, but I doubt it had 500k monthly visitors.

1 year ago when BTC was $69K.

Note : We are strict when it comes to guest post and other casino etc.

We are rejecting offers for link insertion $10K from casino sites, monthly.

Why would you refuse casino deals.

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There’s a myth that casino sites hurt SEO.


This topic is now a paid feature. Good luck with sales!


Update last 7 days 156,000 new users.

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