Custom Instagram Accounts (I Supply What You Demand)

Service type: Instagram Account Purchasing
Price: Depends on Account


Hey everyone, so as a lot of you know I specialize in buying and selling instagram accounts. Over the past 3 years i have purchased and sold upwards of 150 accounts ranging from 10k followers to 800k followers.

I have discussed with @SWAPD and I will be running a service on here that i do for many of my clients.

How this goes is lets say you want an account but dont know where to find it, or what it will cost you etc.

You contact me with the form below and i will find the account for you. After we negotiate a price for the accounts that i will provide, we will begin a checkout ticket and that is where you will buy the account.

Follower Count:
Price Range:
How Account Was Grown:

So here is an example, lets say you really want a 50,000 follower pet account, with a large amount of US followers you can set it up like this

Niche: Pets
Follower Count: 50k+
Demographic: 20% USA+ , High Female Audience
Price Range: $600-$800
How Account Was Grown: Automation or Organic

Just for the record, if you contact me saying you want 100k accounts for $100 i will ignore the message. Please only contact me if you are serious.

Any questions, feel free to comment below or DM me!


Just an FYI Cheap 100k indian accounts worth onlyn 100 to 200$ brother… there is nothing to ignore :yum:

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I’m not here to supply low quality accounts. I’m here to get accounts to peoples likings and ya you can get 100k random indian follower accounts for cheap, but i wont be your person for that because 99% of the time someone buys one of those theyre disappointed in it.

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this will be useful when i start my own store.
waiting for someone here who’s selling an established store first.

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Really sorry… my career is based on indian accounts only… i will be very much happy if u can get a good indian instagram account…

Send me what you’re looking for but I really try and stay away from them

I will update u asap…I told this just as my point of view…!!!

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Niche: Fashion account or travel account
Follower Count: 300k+ Followers
Demographic: USA,UK,GERMANY and the rest in EU
Price Range: 1000-3000usd
How Account Was Grown: automation and organic

Hi! Please can you PM me? I’m looking for a few specific types of accounts! thanks

Niche: Animals
Follower Count: 50k+
Demographic: US / Europe mainly
Price Range: Can vary depending on the quality of the account
How Account Was Grown: Preferably Organic

I will be searching for everyone that has commented and the ones who have messaged me over the next few days. Thank you all for trusting me in this search, i will be in touch!

Niche: Apparel/Fashion
Follower Count: 200k+ active followers
Demographic: USA/Canada in priority and Europe
Price Range: 1000-3000usd
How Account Was Grown: mainly organic

@Alpha please close this while I catch up on orders

Just let me know once you want me to reopen it in PM!