Dearest Users - Please MAKE SURE to Read!


Hey Guys and Gals,

This will be a long post, but please take the time to read quickly!

As you might have seen I have recently been invited to join the Swapd team as an admin/moderator for which I am very excited about and looking forward to working with everyone and building a safe and successful forum for all of us, and I’d like to thank David and Shaun for all their hard work building this place.

I wanna start by thanking everyone for their participation here on SWAPD and having now had a chance to take a solid look around I’d like to commend everyone on how they are interacting with each other and conducting their transactions. We have seen some great success in people trading accounts and hope that only grows in the future as more members join.

However that doesn’t mean that it is all roses. So Ive decided to write this post a warning to some, and as an assurance to others. As you would all know other marketplaces, and selling of these types of accounts come with great risk, as scammers really do have a large presence in the space. That is not the vision that we have for SWAPD and we will not be playing around in this area. The entire key and our dedication is to provide as Secure and Safe space for you all to use as we can. We will 100% protect this place from scammers and people with poor ethics.

The most worrying trend we have seen so far (and it is only a few) is people attempting to attract buyers and then complete the deal off site. I’m very frustrated to see this as I know the effort David and Shaun have put into the place and costs associated, but worse off its actually in the worst interest of the buying/selling party.

  1. Dealing off-site puts buyers/sellers at risk, and we won’t help in any shape or form if you get cheated.
  2. You can’t trust users even if you have done business with them in the past. Being in this business since 2010 we have learned that even long time established clients might eventually turn their back on you. (happened to us before, multiple times, and we lost thousands because we let our guard down).
  3. This isn’t a free forum. Our time, hosting, and upkeep takes money, and by circumventing our service, you’re leeching off our work. There are plenty of other free forums you can use if you wish to deal directly with buyers/sellers. SWAPD, however, is a 100% managed website, and we conduct each and every transaction to (hopefully) keep everyone out of trouble and keep our reputation spotless.

So this brings me to the pointy end. Recently we have started to build some processes to deal with these issues much better, which will be one of my main tasks on the site. We have in the last while, banned some users, suspended others and issued some warnings.

We make zero apologies for this. We want this place to grow into the safest pinnacle for digital platform trading and we will protect it and its users.

The reason for my post tonight folks truthfully is to let everybody know that we take your security and the platform seriously and that we are working diligently in the background to make sure that questionable users are removed from the pool quickly. (and to be honest, its been a very very small number of people we have had to weed out thus far)

I personally really want this place to succeed and expand, so that everyone can make great deals and make some cash - As they say, a rising tide, lifts all boats.

If you have any queries or concerns, ideas, flick me a message and ill be only to happy to help out.

Jason the Greatest Admin Ever :slight_smile:


A safe trading community is what sets Swapd apart from the crowd, thankyou to Dave, Shaun, and Jason for your hard work.


TL;DR version: Don’t deal off-site, or you will be banned :slight_smile:

Thanks for such a thorough post Jason, it’s very on point. I would like to point out that even though SWAPD is only a few weeks old, there is an exceptional amount of listings, and things are running smoothly. This is thanks to the reputation we have, and dealing offsite may ruin that reputation. Once our rep is gone, the listings will suffer. We have seen this over and over again, just Google any other website/forum that engages in this type of e-commerce, you will see tons of negative reviews.

We have proved over and over again that mistakes that happen on our website are covered by us. Just recently we discovered that a property sold had an exceptional amount of fake followers (it slipped through our security). We refunded almost 900 USD to the buyer, out of our own pocket. This is the quality we want to provide with SWAPD!

Users are welcomed to report anyone who is trying to get them to deal off-site.


Good to know Jason, thanks :blush: I really appreciate the swapd team effort and professionalism