DIAMOND SELLER | TikTok Verification & Username Claims for Public Figures

Service type: TikTok Verification & Usernames

Prices Ex. FEE
1500$ for public figure verification
1000$ for INACTIVE handle claim for public figures

There are a few requirements in order for me to submit the request:

Requirements for verification for public figures

  • You must be a public figure or entertainment brand publishing original content.
  • Public figures must already be verified on another social media platform or have a significant amount of followers on TikTok (Depending on your region).
  • Press links

Requirements for username claims for public figures

  • You need to own the handle on YouTube or Instagram and have the page linked to your TikTok account.
  • The desired username should be inactive for at least 6 months.
  • Be a public figure

To check you eligibility for verification, please send a DM with the following:

  • The TikTok Username
  • The region where the profile is based (Where it has been created and/or where you are posting from
  • Min. 1 other social network where you are verified (only for verification for public figures)

I also offer verification and claims for businesses: DIAMOND CLUB SELLER | TikTok Verification & Username Claims for Businesses (ACTIVE/INACTIVE)




First on-site verification has been delivered! :metal:

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@Hermes has successfuly verified my TikTok account. He is responding quickly and a very nice guy.
Recommended! Best prices on site.




Can you unban accounts?

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No I cant

Hey I just sent to you a pm


Just completed my second TikTok verification ticket onsite!


The Username i want says it’s taken but there’s no page associated with the username. Can you get it ?

Probably yes. Get your ID verified and then send me a DM

Check PM

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recommended, he verified the client’s account in less than a week


Thanks for the smooth deal!

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Dm please

I have a verified youtube
will this work on it?


Accepting tickets from all regions now

Hermes is a great seller.

I’ve purchased both claim and verification services from him and he’s always been able to deliver.

Provides really good support and a sweet guy to deal with!

Highly recommended. :rocket: