Discord Crypto/NFT real engaging members

Service type: Discord members
Price: $100 per 1k

Description: Sending real people to your discord server through giveaways!

They are highly active and engaging !
With this service you’ll be well on your way to building a thriving Discord community attracting further more investors / buyers :chart_with_upwards_trend:

You can try a small service first to judge the quality of my work :smiley:

Maximum order 15k

Accepting payments in Btc, ETH, USDT.
My price covers SWAPD fees . Thanks

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GLS here too! haha, also requesting a sample of where the users are coming from :slight_smile: could you pm me this please?

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Pmed you details

Interested. Can I get further details?

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Yes absolutely. Check pm . Thanks

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hello - interested. can you DM?

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Dm’ed . Thanks

5k members ticket completed :100:

1k members ticket completed :white_check_mark:

Review :blush:

Another review :grin:


Hello, I can take more info on this thanks

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What would you like to know?

Very reasonable rates

Completing many tickets everyday !
Get your promotion started :100:

Please give me more info on where they are coming from I want to order 10k members

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The members are sent from twitter giveaway and crypto shill accounts :blush::+1:

Is it real
Crypto people or bs Indians from give aways and turn around time

Yes 100% real people and not Indians , mostly Indonesian / Philippino /turkey/mixed giveaway joiners