**Discounted** Cheap Times Square NYC Billboard Service! [BIG SCREEN] $999

Get featured in Time Square’s prominent “Big Screen Billboard” Located on the 1500 Block of Broadway.

Size 1125px H x 2025px W | 21’ H x 55’ W

Multi-brand is not allowed, only one brand per ad
Supported video is (.mp4) or a static image (.jpg)
If it’s video, the duration must last exactly 15, 30 or 60 seconds.
The ad will not provide audio.
By requirements stated by the City of New York content must be suitable for all families.
(No Nudity, Sensuality, No Drugs, No Violence, No Tabloids, Nothing To Insinuate Sexuality)

The ad will be showcased over the course of 24hrs and display for 1 minute every hour.
That’s a total of 24 times!

According to Times Square NYC, over 360,000 people visit this tourist attraction every day , a number that can go as high as 450,000 on the busiest days of the year. And well, were headed into the busiest time of the year, including New Years Eve!

USDT, Bankwire

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