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Hi everyone, Today I bring to you the BEST Discounted Service on site that can ACTUALLY DELIVER! The service is for those who want to travel but at a substantially cheaper cost across the board!

Flight discounts range from 15-50% Off

Currently only doing Delta & American Airlines flights but will be adding more options in the near future. Keep Notifications on this thread for updates

PM a screenshot with the dates, flight, price and number of passengers to get a proper quote.

I am currenlty only doing discounted bookings with Avis &

I need this form filled out to give a proper quote:


Time Pick-Up: AM/PM

Time Return: AM/PM

Name: *As DL

Age & DOB:

Zip Code Pick-UP:

Zip Code Return:

Insurance: Yes/No (LDW,PAE,SLI)

Extras: Child Seat/GPS/Extra Driver/Fuel Plans/e-Toll unlimited/Satelite Radio (XMR)/Cover Roadside Issues/GPS/Mobile Wifi

  • You must have a card to pay the rental deposit

  • You must have no car rental record bans

Currently doing discounts with

More options in the near future

Keep Notifications on this thread for updates

Not a fan of hotels?

Have a vacation in your luxury stay in advance

I need this form filled out to give a proper quote:

  • Visit Homes & Villas website

  • Select your desired home

  • Screenshot and send us the cart & home name


Good Luck

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any specific requirements for flight bookings?

Requirements are in the thread!

GLWS :fire:

i am looking for flights because those are nor of delta or american so i am waiting for you as i have regular deal for you

my bad i missed that. it doesn’t matter how far out the date may be?

Not really