Do we trust pages without OG email? Why? Its never been trusted in the past

Do we trust IG pages and other pages without OG?

We never trusted in the past and yet people say cause there’s a slight chance you can be okay without OG that its okay???

Please clarify why this slight chance is enough?
what happens if you buy a page on swapd and they take it a month later?

personally i don’t trust any pages without OGE.

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Me neither… but on here it’s common everyone’s like it’s not needed these days

If we talking about pullback I think that there is no safe option to be 100% secure.
Account with OG mail can be recovered back same as page without OG.
There is few steps when you buying account without OG mail:

  • Current email/phone needs to be at least on account 14 days (To prevent any type lock of page from INstagram)
  • Turning 2FA App and linking FB accounts will most likely avoid any try of pullback (Even if account get recovered, person who recovered will not have acces to page because of 2FA APP so the current owner can always get page back with current email)
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Everyone keeps forgetting that OG emails can also be pulled :smiley:


Same way many social assets are pulled, by contacting support.

Yeah but like OG is the way to win that case

That’s true, They can recover it using the information they have for the email such as:

  • First and last name

  • Date of Birth

  • Country/region where you created your account

  • State


  • Other passwords you’ve used for this account (one per text box)

Have you used any of the Microsoft products below with your account before? Check all that apply.

[ ] or Hotmail

[ ]Skype

[ ]Xbox

Have you ever purchased something from Microsoft before, such as software, a device, or a subscription?

[ ]No

[ ]Yes

Once you have all of these information right Microsoft have an auto-bot to review the information and can easily recover it however the Security and 2fac you apply.

So I think you need to buy from someone you trust.

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