DONE FOR YOU | New Highly Engaged US/UK/AU FB Community Build - 20k+ real followers, 10m+ reach, 30 days

Service type: New, highly engaged FB page build
Price: $0.50 per follower

We will build you a new, highly engaged Facebook Fanpage reaching top tier audiences - US, UK, South Africa, AU

  • Typical page growth time is around 1 month to 20K followers
  • Typical engagement rate to impressions 5%+
  • Typical first month impressions 20m+
  • Ability to grow pages to achieve monetisations (600k watch minutes and 10K followers)
  • We are a UK based, highly engaged publisher reaching around 400 million impressions per month across our network of pages
  • No paid media, 100% organic cross sharing and amplification
  • No fake followers

Recent page audience growth over 30 days:

Same page, fan demographics and locations:

Summary last month’s reach and engagement through our network of pages:

exports from Sprout Social data

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