Don't write to me directly or to any admin ever again!


Sorry! Clickbait title. We just wanted to let everyone know that from now on, we would love if you contacted admins/staff via typing @Administrators versus typing our names individually. Why is that?

Messaging @Administrators sends out a noticed to ALL admins instead of just one. This means someone should respond quicker. It makes it easier for everyone. Obviously, we won’t be mad if you still tag your favorite admin, we do realize some admins (like @MeG) are horrible to deal with. :smiley:

Thank you for reading.


You couldn’t figure out a smaller username? This is not Instagram… you have plenty of short names available, overall great update.


As soon as you type 2-3 letters it will auto fill.


You can also type @admins ( that will also work )


Just wanted to note that this also applies when tagging staff on a thread (for example, if you want it closed), not just PMs. Rather than just tagging one or two specific staff members, you can tag @Administrators to send out a notification to all of us!


Omg so true, @MeG is the worst


@bobemedia, you have just won an additional 10% fee for the next transaction :grin:


Aye, it’s really bad. At least you only deal with her occasionally. We have to work with her over here :confused:


Yeah… I have already checked it. There is no possibility to suspend the main admin :joy:


You can’t ban your overlord, MeG.