Earn 2% from every sale/purchase on SWAPD, for life! Introducing SWAPD Rewards! (BETA)


Facebook can be so strict!! We will always find a way though. Let’s get to work :writing_hand:


So far, we’ve gained about 20 users this way :smiley: Not what I was expecting, but it’s a start.
A big thanks to all the people who have invited.


Yes! People are starting to earn!

The following is a screenshot of an earnings panel from one of our users. Just two small transactions yielded 28 USD in profit. Both transactions came from the same seller. Point is, if you invite active resellers, you will make money on auto pilot.

Thank you guys!


By the way, people whom you’ve invited prior to our rewards program also count :slight_smile:


Don’t have second refer level?


If you mean that you collect from people who were invited by someone you invited, then no.