Elite NFT marketing Services


I’ve been in the NFT space for 6 months. I’ve launched my own successful collection and worked with 5+ top collections with $1m+ mints. I current do a lot of marketing / consulting for projects. I am an expert at literally anything NFT and here to provide my services

Service type: Marketing

-Get any project posted in 200 - 300 of the top NFT DAO’s to fill your whitelist
-Run Twitter promo campaigns with the most organic and legit NFT influencers
-Mass Instagram, Twitter, Discord, Telegram DMs
-Mass Instagram, Twitter tags
-Email scraping of users who follow NFT projects on Instagram
-Phone number scraping of users who follow NFT projects on Instagram
-NFT art from experienced NFT collection artists
-Email lists of NFT projects
-Hyper Twitter growth for NFT projects

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Pricing and info?

Dm me


You got proof? Big claims

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Proof of what? Services or projects. Either way yeah I have proof

Bump, completed some DAO collabs for projects today



PM sent

hey in interested to work with u… can u plz send me your NFt marketing package and price… and previous case studies if possible… thanks

DM me