Esports Brand Sale!

Account type: Active Esports Organization Brand

Description: I Am selling a well know Brand in the Esports scene been around since 2013

  • Comes with Logo / Branding
  • Any and All current designs / Graphics
  • Partnership with Champion Clothing, they make our gear. You can have an entire Champion clothing store on their website.
  • Website and Domain Name
  • 2 Twitter accounts 1 with 10k, and another with 99k

Will Include a Partnered Twitch for the Org for an Extra $1000 which has 1534 Followers, a 70/30 Revenue split so you make an extra 20% above normal Twitch Partners which are 50/50.

Will also Throw in a Partnered / Verified Discord for the Organization

So All of the above for $5000

Has Active Streamers, and teams in Apex, Brawlhalla, PUBG, and CSGO, and you can pick up whatever teams you chose.

Will only Respond to ID Verified users.


Send me info please. Interested!

pm info:)

Interested. PM info please.

PM information.

PM me info please

pm pls

Pm name please.

Send more info please

pm name pls

hey -can you PM me info about this

How do you sell a team? The team is the identity!

Interested more details plz :slight_smile:


JUST UPDATED!! Price now Includes

  • a Partnered Twitch Account with a 70/30 Split better then the 50/50 split of regular Partners.

  • a Partnered / Verified Discord channel with 517 members and growing

$5000 Takes Everything! Steal of a deal!

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Info please…

Info please

PM Details please.

Please send details!

Can you ID verify yourself first