Established Shopify Business/1.5k+ Orders/37k+ Revenue


Domain name: Get in Touch.

Premium Established Store/December Revenue: $7,495,37/ Domain Worth $1,041/ 2.5k Products,All Social Media Accounts included

Running cost:
-29$ Shopify Per Month.
-27$ Shopify Applications
Note :That is without the promotions!

Tip -Order fullfilment can be made automated.

The crucial reason which influenced my decision to sell this business was the lack of time for running an online business. In the attachment below, you can find more information about this business. All of the sales are 37k in total

I will transfer all of my knowledge. What will the new owner get:

-HTTPS (Secure protocol for safe transactions and better SEO ranking!
-Complete transfer of information: the contacts I have worked with, the contacts that helped in the promotion of my business on Instagram. Overall, all of the contacts that helped me gain this profit.
-Personal Instagram account of 12.718 Followers with 5.66 % engagement that has a big number of engaged followers and it is the perfect base for growing the business as well as perfect opportunity for investment.
-1649 Engaged Subscribed Shoppers users of the website to whom you can send promotions, 13.153 subscribed users from websites with similar niche that can be a great asset in your promotion plan. Personally, the lack of time was the only reason why I didn’t spent enough time on developing the e-mail marketing.
-Facebook group – a big influencer in the promotion of this business. Please see more details about this group attachments
Contacts are perhaps the most valuable thing in this business: partners who are devoted and very important. They will be constantly looking for the perfect products for you. At the same time , they will give you a great promotion and amazing offers.
-Complete support throughout your journey of achieving the first 1 m in this business. I offer you my help and advice whenever you are in need of it. I will be happy to teach you some effective manners of successfully developing your Instagram account which I didn’t manage to implement completely due to lack of time. Fortunately, these manners and techniques will function completely for you. As you can notice my account of nearly 13k is one of the best accounts in this niche for that number of people, showing the biggest engagement and trust.
-An excellent opportunity for building a long-term SEO plan that can bring you a high income in 2020. After 4 months, the domain is the best for investing in SEO. As I already mentioned, this business has organic traffic and sales from Google without any marketing. You can see the proof in the attachments below
-Sucesfull Unique Printful Designs.
These are just some of the many reasons why ,in my opinion you should seriously consider buying this business. If you want to find out more about the benefits you will get by buying this business, please contact me in person.
-Store Email.

-What I offer is an introduction to all of these suppliers and my personal recommendation for you as the new owner of the business. Furthermore, you will get their exclusive prices that I was getting too as one of their best drop shippers.
Another important factor for the success of my business is my close relation and partnership with all of the Instagram influencers- a big influence for my sales. Again, I am willing to give my personal recommendation for you as the new owner of the business so you will get the same prices for promotion. These are the best and the most reasonable prices from the most elite Instagram influencers in this niche.

-2019 will be one of the best financial years for investing in a business that will support the current President of the USA. Mr. Trump, no matter whether the people agree or disagree with his policies. People who support Trump are ready to buy all that is promoted out there. The niche that I personally promote is USA-PATRIOTIC THINGS and Trump apparel.

The payment gateways of this business are PayPal and Stripe.



If I had the money I’d buy it just to profit off fools lol.
But I am sure this won’t be less than 50k to 100k
Money I don’t have lol.


send me the url, and relevant links. Also, the expected price you are looking to get.




Whats your ballpark price range???




yikes LOL


I’am interested. Pls. send me website url.
Thank you


Interested, please send pricing and more info.

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