Price: Best offer

Domain Name:

Description of site:

Great opportunity to money from Adsense/Amazon/clickbank.

  • Business Model:

*The category is Spiritualuaty & Relationship.

*For the content you will get sites where you can copy,or you can make your own article as well.

*The site spent $25 just for hosting montly.

-No other costs at the moment.Unless you want to grow your revenue.

-The site is at Dreamhost

  • Monetization:


What are you getting when you purchase this site?

*2 month support to keep it up as it is

*This premium domain with 1500 Original articles on it.

*All Social Media Created

*Premium Design with premium theme

*Premium header plugin

  • Future Opportunities:

*You can grow easly if you spend money of advertising.

*You can make more money if you have more time to spend on it and put some product’s on sale on the website.

*You can make more post’s per day if you have time.

Screenshot of the Pageview per month.

What do you mean by I’ll get sites to copy content from? You’re telling me non of the content on the website is original?
So the content means nothing and should not add any value to the website. Not only that, all of the content have to be deleted because of copyright issues and potential lawsuits.

The domain is very long and with hyphens & not easy to rememeber and should not be considered as premium.

Can I please see the revenue from Adsense, Amazon and Clickbank?
What is the price you’re looking for?


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PM sent.

Can I please see the AdSense revenue? Also, how does your website get visitors?

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I will send you the adsense revenue,anyway you can see the sources on the pictures.


Adsense screenshots please, last 3 months

how much?

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