Europe META Rep introduction | Create your own media panels | 2 slots | Europe Only

Providing another exclusive services to the beautiful community :star2:

I have a high up Meta rep in the Europe Region who I have built a good relationship with. I rarely have Europe cases come in as most of my requests are USA related and I use my USA panels and reps for those jobs.

With that said I am willing to sell an introduction to my rep to 2 people max.

I would introduce you as an important figure or company that is in need of help with requests.

The rep will help with pretty much any requests such as Unbans, Hacked recoveries, Verifications, 2Fa Issues/Lockouts, etc.

You can also have the rep create you media portals.

I can also provide Europe based media portals if you just want portals.

INTRO: $16k+ Fees | 1-3 Day TAT
Media Portal: $12k + Fees | Same Day


@HamzaKhan You were looking for my birthday gift, right?


I will gift you a villa :man_supervillain:

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Donald Trump Talk GIF by Election 2016

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Hey, interested. Please message me back.


Via the europe panel we can not do US cases ?