★ EXCLUSIVE ✓ #1 Times Square Billboard Feature On Broadway ★ FAST TAT! ✓

Hello Everyone! :grin:

We can get you featured for a limited time on one of New York’s largest billboards within Times Square!

To ensure authenticity, we will provide HD video footage recorded on a Sony A74 from our relative that captures the billboard during its appearance, also panning the camera around so the whole of times square can be seen.

All billboard placements are recorded for free so you can show it off to your followers.
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How does this work?

• Your billboard placement will last for 15 seconds in total. (one time only) :clock4:

• You can submit a video, music video, photo, or any personal content that fits within the 15-second timeframe. :framed_picture:

• No promotional links or QR codes are allowed. :no_good_man:

• However, you may include your social media handle to help viewers find and follow you.

The price for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is $500

If you’re interested in this exclusive SWAPD service, simply reply to this thread or send me a DM! :calling:

instead of closing and opening a new thread because of my question

is this tsx live with a 12x markup?


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Lol anyone can do this for 40 bucks