Exclusive FB/IG Media Partner Portal | MILLIONAIRE CLUB Member / SWAPD Partner

Hi Everyone,

We’re offering access to have an exclusive Facebook/Instagram Media Partner Portal for the EMEA region.

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What You are able to do with a Media Portal:

  • Submit verification requests.
  • Claim usernames inactive usernames.
  • Merge accounts
  • Recover hacked accounts to safeguard your digital assets.
  • Appeal bans to maintain uninterrupted social engagement.

Ideal For: Media professionals, influencers, and agencies in the EMEA region.

We’re Looking For Serious Collaborators: Share a bit about you or your agency and how this portal can supercharge your social media strategy.

The portal will not be placed on your account.

Strong budget required :slight_smile:


It’s a bit contradictory to advertise access to your OWN portal when the portal will not even be opened on the buyer’s account. The buyer needs to pay a significant amount upfront, and then the portal ends up either on your account or one that will be shared.

Looks like you’re trying to leverage the clients of another agency to get approved for your own portal.


This makes no sense.
There is no trying to get approved for a portal. Who would something they are trying to get approved for?

The user will receive a media portal
as well as access to the RDP and the FB account and the email attached to the FB account.

Also will be given the rep to attach to the requests submissions.

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Fair, but you removed the “own” from the topic already. So since you’ve mentioned the RDP and external FB account the only reason I can see behind that is that so access can be shared.

If the portal is opened on the buyer’s agency, then he would be created as managed partner in salesforce and he could get the portal on his/her or one of his employees accounts.

I am not trying to block you from selling this, I just don’t want other sellers to be mislead in what they are paying for. I will rest my case now, goodluck with sales :saluting_face:


The access isn’t shared they will be the only users on the portal. Are you interested in purchasing?

I removed own to mitigate any confusion.

But truthfully even if the portal is on their account or they have the RDP access it is still their own.

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No i’m not thanks for the offer

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Sounds good…
Still available :slight_smile:
Have received inquires first one to start ticket gets it!


BIN price?

Taking offers,
Have a few :slight_smile:

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pm bro

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Glws :fire::goat:

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What budget is needed?