Experience with few Sellers - Trust Issues

Recently, I have observed an increasing number of services that require users to provide their email address or phone number associated with the account for verification purposes ( Tik, IG ETC ) , only to subsequently receive unsolicited messages to the client directly or emails from same service providers offsite under different name.

Despite our common goal of earning a living here through using each other services, some individuals are disregarding professional codes of conduct by establishing direct connections with clients and breaching trust. Many claim to offer verification services here and then ask client profiles and later approach them via social media with lower price. Not everyone seller doing this but there are some who is spoiling the name of community and creating trust issues. This is so wrong.

As members of this community, can we all commit to following ethical practices and maintaining professionalism without resorting to underhanded tactics to gain an edge over one another?

Have anyone experienced such instance?

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Always thought twice before giving my client’s information to a seller. As this has happened to me here before from a couple of sellers including a VIP member here. However, I have let this slide and did not report to an admin. I dont get why would they do such thing, as they are already paid a fair bit.

You should report them. The admins can ban them for off-site communication and then we’ll have a better and safer platform.

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They approach them under different name which we cant recognize who is that person from swapd.