Extremely Viral IG account with 226M+ impressions and 84M+ reach with 163k following

Country of followers (majority): India, Brazil, US
Amount of followers: 163k
Topic/Niche: kpop, kstyle, kcomedy
Does it include the OG (original) email?: yes
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): organic, engagement group in the starting 5k


Selling this extremely high and viral account with 226M impressions and 84M accounts reachin the last 90 days. In this period it gained almost 100k+ followers and 1.3M profile visits.

You can easily make $$$/month by selling shoutouts on this account. Can be easily converted into kpop, or bts fan page as the audience has similar interests.

The last 30 days insights are less comparatively due to low activity But, Still 32.5M+ impressions and 19.1M+ people reached.
I can’t manage it anymore that’s why I am selling it and that’s also the reason of low activity.

I want to make a quick sale hence the reasonable price due to the need of funds.

The OG email is included and I will also tell you from where I find the viral content and how to manage the page further.

I am attaching the Screenshot for you to decide further.

Last 90 days (It’s true potential, which can be scaled) :arrow_down:

Bump - Still for Sell

Huge potential with 160k following and crazy insights with the best reasonable price in this niche.

OG email included.

Some insights :arrow_down:

Last 7 days stories :arrow_down:

Still for sale. Hmu
No serious queries till now

Bump - Still Available


Bump - 163k now



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Bumping - Still available.
No serious Enquiries till now. Get this page now


Bump - Another new Reel hit 1.4M and is still growing.

Bump That reel is at 1.8M now