Facebook 2Factor Bypass/Get Start Lock, Ad Account & Disable/Hack Id Recover Service Available

Service type: 2Factor Bypass, Get Start Lock, Face Lock, community disable & memorialize disable
Price: depend on I’d


Hello sir, if your facebook account is 2factor/get start lock then I can fix it.:inbox_tray:
moral service - Hello sir i’m @Humayun, facebook ban,unban specialist. i can fix your soical profile. FB service • hacked account recover • hacked page recover (depend by days & case) • fake account remove (if you have prove) • 2factor problem bypass. • ad account reslove • restriction ad fixing • disable business manager (BM) removal • login issue solve • lock account unlock • unban community disable account • copyright restore / give copyright • loc remove from fb page • payout payment issue resolve • disable payout resolve • monetize lost issue fix • right manger (rm) appeal • get verified business manager (bm) • meta account payment renew issue fix • performance bonus renew issue fix • instream lost resolve

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I’ll Help you to recover disable/hacked account

**if you need type of service then pls feel free to PM me

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Successful Records/Reviews

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Thank you, disabled successfully a FB account. Fast TAT!

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Welcome, mate :heart::heart:

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Update. His 100% ban was not 100% ban. He banned again the account so later it was really perm banned. So he is doing the best to hold his word and satisfies you‘

I only can recommend him.

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i need this service

message me pm Brother

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Brother I need the service. I lost my autheticator code and now I am unable to login to my personal facebook account!

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check pm

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