Facebook Ad Manager UNBAN for only $100

Fixing all types of bans - verification ban, payment ban, Terms of service, Copyright ban.


  • Account ban should not exceed 30 days.
  • Ad manager access
  • All the Screenshots of received mail and current status of ad manager

Time - 7 days max

Starting from $100 ( varies with type of ban)
Swapd fee included. Accepting crypto payments only


can u do unban for twitter too its for a memecoin that was banned for impersonating another project on another chain

Hello is it trough a rep ? just to understand how strong is the re activation / unban

Not rep.

Do you need access, to the account?

yes, i have taken insurance for that


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Hi Iā€™d like to chat about my personal ad Acc ban

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do you do facebook ad account unbans?

Check inbox