Facebook BM Ad Spy | $750 - 100% Success - Spy On Any Facebook Ad Campaign & Website

Hey everyone! I’ll be offering a Facebook Business Manager Ad Spy Service. We can get the EXACT data you are looking for from your competitors.

With this service, you can get a COMPLETE video report of:

  • Campaigns (Delivery, Cost, Attribution Setting, Results, Reach, Frequency, Cost per Result, Budget Amount Spend, Ends, Impressions, CPM, Link clicks, CPC, CTR, Purchase ROAS, Purchases, Unique Purchases,)
  • Links to top 10 ads (Ad Creative, Ad Copy, Likes, Comments, Shares)
  • Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, All Time Campaigns

:moneybag: Pricing

  • $750 exclusive SWAPD Fees. Payment in USDT (ERC-20 & TRC-20), USDC, Credit Card, Bank Transfer

:alarm_clock: Turnaround Time

  • 2 business days (usually within 24 hours)

:question: How To Get Started?

Please send me a message with the following details:

  • Website domain or Facebook Advertiser link



Awesome/valuable service! Good luck

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Great service, Got 2 done already, delivered quick. Good Luck

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Great & quick service

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check PM

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