Facebook Fading Away With Instant Articles And Maybe Adbreak?

I have recently came across this bit of information and it would appear that FB will be starting to fade away Instant Articles and Adbreak

It will not stop adbreak or IA .

It was by ad request now will be by bidding like all other platforms

No. They launched ad display service like Adsense for some popular websites through Audience Network. Because of Advertisers were not happy with the results so they are discontinuing that.
Adbreak is now base of fb earning. Not sure about Instant Articles.

idk it says they will stop taking bidding requests.

So they have a new service? I know IA has been rough for a while.

But they also say they will no longer support in-stream… so with that being stated how would they still provide AdBreak for videos? Personally I have noticed a huge decrease on InStream


We’ve made this decision based on where we see growing demand from our partners, which is in other formats across mobile apps. We also remain committed to moving our mobile app network into bidding

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I seen this part.

If Audience Network is part of your waterfall integration, you’ll need to remove us from Apr 11. If we’re part of your bidding integration, you’ll need to stop sending bid requests after this date.

All clarification is greatly appreciated. :smiley: