Facebook Fan Page - 40K likes, Topic = Family, Mothers, Love


I decided to set up a Facebook page. My idea was to use the monetize the page with affiliate links (baby products for example is a hot niche in 2017) but I’ve been swamped with my other projects, one of which seems to be taking off.

I’ve got a lot of ideas for this project but as it stands, I don’t have the time to build this up so I’m selling some of my properties to focus on the biggest winners.

It would be a shame to let this page remain dormant when there’s a healthy, passionate 40K+ fan base active on the page so maybe it might be a good opportunity for someone who wants a reasonable base to build on.

Property type:
Facebook Page

Amount of fans/followers:

Country of followers (majority):

Celebrating the bond between mothers and their children
Family / Positivity / Love


You can buy the page itself for me right now with an offer around $300 but for the maximum price I’m also willing to throw in:
a) A WebViewWrapper Android application for a Bollywood news site (already published to the Google play store) with Admob integration.
b) The domain and landing site, which you can fill with viral content if you wish to monetize the page straight away

Avenues for buyer to explore:

Now the key issue is that I’ve simply focused on building the page up and thus far made no monetization attempts. With my experience of building successful facebook pages I would recommend that the buyer continues this approach - at least until you reach 100k fans before you start looking at sponsored posts, diverting traffic to viral networks etc. At 200k you’d definitely want to start directing traffic to a landing site.

Like all businesses, you need to build up a reputation and a strong community before you start trying to squeeze money out of it. It depends on how much funding you have as to how long you wait but my experience tells me that the longer you hold your nerves - the better end result.

  • There is already a Bollywood gossip site with an associated Android application which can be re-themed to whatever idea you use to monetize this audience.
  • But this is not the BEST method in my opinion. This is a really good niche, it grows quite organically and the audience has a very defined profile. If you’re willing to look outside the box, you’ll find some lucrative opportunities.
  • For now you could continue using a graphic tool like Snappa and creating graphical memes (which work really) intermixed with content from RSS feeds to grow the traffic organically. With minimal ad spend, the page will get to 100k easily.
  • If you need someone to manage the page and do this for you, the guy I use, charges $50-100/pm for this and would be happy to continue.

Look forward to hearing any offers and answering any questions you might have.

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Thank you and good luck with sales!

Great job on the thorough description. It is definitely going to help potential buyers make a decision.

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Every topic should be like this!

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Shaun, thanks - I have a bit of recent experience with buying online recently and the sellers that make no effort are automatic red flags for me to start with! :slight_smile:

I’ve just figured out that I can upload these images as well:

Audience Breakdown:

Country Breakdown:

Recent Post Reach:

Stats (note I’ve stopped updating the page recently so its taken a bit of a hit)

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Like buying a car!

I’m sure someone can make some decent money off this page.