Facebook Fan Page US VERIFIED 761K

Property type: Facebook Page (officially verified with blue check next to the page)
Amount of fans/followers: 761K+
Country of followers (majority): USA
Topic: Entertainment / Tech
Price: Best Offer Wins

Description: Selling this facebook page (almost 7 year old, verified by Facebook since we are an official brand name) because I’m planning to repurpose the website and use it for something else. Shoot me the best offers and I’ll consider.

Thank you for stopping by.


Please could you send me the url please. Thank you in advance

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I’m very interested and can make an offer.
Please send PM URL and insights!

Normally properties with tier-one countries under 50% don’t qualify for our premium tag, but since this fanpage is verified, we will make an exception. Marking this listing premium. Good luck with sales!

Hey Swapd team,

Appreciate you for doing that.

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Weekends are usually slow around here, hopefully Monday will get you more bids.

If you have a general range of what you’re looking for let me know. Would be interested to either see the URL. Since you’re a brand name and it’s blue verified you couldn’t change the name or you’d lose the verification right?

What’s your demand in mind to start offer ?

Highly interested!! Please send me URL


send me the url of the fp page please. and also send me some information about the website url, if it is exactly the same as the page name and you’re not selling it aswell, its a major problem! thanks in advance

Hi Im am extremely interested in this… please can you ping me the URL.



Could you please pm me the details? Thanks

can you please pm me the link. thanks

Please PM the url. Super interested.

page url please. I am a real buyer. Have bought 4 already.

Hey! Very interested…seems like a good page…can I have the URL please?

Please Could you send me the URL i am really intrested in buying this page , can offer you good money

Please PM me URL and all demographics/insights , I have a client of mine who may be VERY interested!