Facebook Fan Pages Restriction Loop

Ignore My English ( :joy::joy::joy::joy: )

A recent issue most Facebook fan Pages owner is the Loop of Restriction, Restriction after Restriction even getting restriction without doing anything.
I tried a lot of stuff from Talking to live chat support to keeping my pages unpublished for a month but nothing worked.
but there is one thing that worked.
What you have to do is.
1: Go to your Page About Section and update your Website ( give any random Website link or your own ).
2: Write a short BIO of your Page.
3: Delete all your page Content ( Pics/ videos/ Link Shares ) make it Blank.
4: Don’t visit your page :stuck_out_tongue: ( don’t even open it )
it won’t fix directly but you will either get 1 restriction or maybe this one will be the last of your restriction ( as fb have out your page from the loop).

I did this on my 4 pages and they are now perfectly fine, yes lost my old viral content but what i think is that there was some post/Posts which were triggering these Restrictions and we all know how Facebook work ( doesn’t share anything which Violates their TOS or CGs.

If someone else is going to try kindly Update here, is it me the lucky one or someone else


Ive tried to do this in the past, the issue i have now. Some content wont delete from the page (old shares) :frowning:

try from creator studio, Facebook Page manager , mbasic.

So this is 100% confirmed?

My 4 pages got out of the loop with this so yes confirmed from my side, I will update on others Page for which i did the same.

Owning 10 pages every page have some shitty loop restrictions…

But how to delete all the posts when u have ■■■■ loaf of content on albums

hire someone from desi groups, they will do it in cheap :stuck_out_tongue:

what if i got add admins restrictions too :frowning:

i didn’t tried it myself but heard you can add new admins through BM , give it a try
Add admins to bm before claiming the page in that bm.
hope it will work for you.

Just tried this cleared everything took about 4 hours and shock 2 hours later same 7 day ban grrr

as i said in thread, won’t fix directly. it will take time. some pages get out of the loop in coming restriction or the one after that.
don’t visit /Open your page. Just leave it like you never had it. :joy:

But how long do u leave it for :joy:

till the next shi*y notification.just to remember the date. if it doesn’t arrive, i start posting after 48 hours.

Gotcha will give that a go next time around

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When i get restriction for the first time 4 months ago i deleted all content and then unpublish the page. After 10 days the restriction disappeared and never had a problem again.

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I think this may have worked for me, I don’t wanna jinx it but it’s been 4 days since I’ve gotten one on either page, gonna keep trying regardless if it does or not tho.

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@willembol try it buddy. Its works.

It didn’t work for me :frowning: . I followed carefully every step.

I’ve had this issue before. With me, one of the admins was triggering the restriction. So what we did was remove all admins and add new accounts to the page. Once the restriction ended, it was fixed.