Facebook Fanpage 1.1Million Very Active (Growing by 25K organic users this week) & Website (LAUNCHED 2 weeks ago over 10k impressions)


Facebook Fanpage and WEBSITE Launched 2 weeks ago

(I will happily transfer AWS information, Wordpress Login, and full Admin of the Facebook page)! This opportunity is ready for Ad Revenue! However, I have other projects, I began this project to satiate my own curiosity as to how the industry worked so I can apply it to my VC work. The industry standard for a page and website such as this is 50k - 60k - I will accept 35K - 40K OBO depending on payment method.

NOTE: I was out of reception last week and not active on the page which is why the percentages in screenshots look high. Please advise if you’d like longer insights screenshots.


Please pm me the url and asking price


Hi there - Can you send me the URL?




Sent PM


Pls pm url and price


Sent PMs. I would honestly consider any reasonable offer, apparently my initial idea about how valuable it was, was slightly off. So, any reasonable offer will be considered.


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Can you send me the page url and website?


Sent to all


pm me please as well, url + handle + price



Can I get the link please and any Insight screen shots you can. Thanks, Mark.


Did you say you’re a VC? That’s all one needs to know to explain the initial price point you’d valued the package at :joy: :joy: :joy:


Quite correct. However, I’m willing to entertain any serious offer. But, why leave any cards on the table before negotiations even begin? Those who tend to have the most are those who aren’t afraid to ask for it.


Can you send me the page url and website as well? Thanks!


Please send me the URL of the page



The first screenshot and the WEBSITE were launched two weeks ago.
The Facebook Spanish Quotes page has been active for over 4-5 years.

Sorry for any confusion


Could you please send me the URL as well? Thank you!


Hi, please send me the url.


Can you please send me the page url and website? Thanks.


Taken just now